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Daredevil Construction Workers Gallery

Jaw-dropping, historic photos showing workers who risked their lives daily decades ago when rules for construction workers were a lot more lax than they are today.

These historical images show hardworking men who earned a reputation for being daredevils as they were moving girders, riveting, painting or even just eating lunch way up high! They worked without,  or with minimal harnesses, as they walked nonchalantly along beams suspended hundreds of feet above the street and swung on cables, so one step backward would have meant eternity!

Choose from 40 pictures in our Daredevil Construction Workers collection for your Wall Art or Photo Gift. All professionally made for Quick Shipping.

Brooklyn Bridge Construction Victorian Engraving, 1877 Featured Daredevil Construction Workers Image

Brooklyn Bridge Construction Victorian Engraving, 1877

Beautifully Illustrated Antique Engraved Victorian Illustration of Brooklyn Bridge Construction Victorian Engraving, 1877. Source: Original edition from my own archives. Copyright has expired on this artwork. Digitally restored

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647019170, Overlook

Walking The Plank Featured Daredevil Construction Workers Image

Walking The Plank

13th April 1932: Two workmen walking along a girder during the building of the Freemason's Hospital, Ravenscourt Park, London are silhouetted against the sky. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)

3087579, England, Format Landscape, Lighting Effec, Silhouette

Smoking On The Job Featured Daredevil Construction Workers Image

Smoking On The Job

A man smokes a pipe atop a building under construction on Broadway facing south toward Bowling Green, New York City, New York, early 1910s. The Singer Building, completed in 1908, is seen centre right; the Bankers Trust Company Building, completed in 1912, is capped by the tower with spire to the left of the Singer Building; and the structure at the lower left is the St. Paul Building, completed in 1898. (Photo by Edwin Levick/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)