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subjects/christmas/christmas sea crew members blue star liner avila
Christmas at sea, Crew-Members of the Blue Star Liner Avila are taking a Christmas tree
art/gustav klimt 1862 1918/gustav klimt beethoven frieze 1902
Gustav Klimt. Beethoven Frieze. 1902
collections/imagno collection/glider towed car rises height training air
"Glider, towed by a car, rises to height, Training of air pilotes of the Hanworth Flying club
collections/imagno collection/pharmacy school women gordon hall london photograph
"Pharmacy school for women in Gordon Hall, London, Photograph, Around 1935"
collections/imagno collection/tomintoul highest village scottish highlands
"Tomintoul the highest village in the scottish Highlands has been snowed in
collections/imagno collection/a penguin newspaper photograph 1935
"A penguin with newspaper, Photograph, Around 1935"
collections/imagno collection/car squashed streetcars heavely damaged san francisco
A car squashed between two streetcars and heavely damaged, San Francisco, America
collections/imagno collection/first conference nudist organistations england
"First conference of nudist organistations in England, London, Photograph, October
collections/imagno collection/the famous fair hampstead heath london photograph
"The famous fair in Hampstead Heath, London, Photograph, England, Around 1930"
collections/imagno collection/test drive
Test drive
collections/imagno collection/penny farthers training leader group 78 years
"Penny-farthers training, The leader of that group is the 78 years old Mark Hill
collections/imagno collection/female chimney sweeper photograph england london
"Female chimney sweeper, Photograph, England, London, 1930"
collections/imagno collection/audience reopening vienna state opera vienna
Audience At The Reopening Of The Vienna State Opera
collections/imagno collection/spectacular race car accident grand prix ireland
Spectacular race car accident, Grand Prix of Ireland 1931
collections/imagno collection/part job scouts northern ireland street signs order
"Part of the job of the scouts in Northern Ireland is to keep the street signs in order
collections/imagno collection/handymen who renovating big ben london hour
"Handymen, who are renovating the Big Ben in London, with the hour hand of the sight
collections/imagno collection/the rowing team oxford droped race goring rowlocks
"The rowing team of Oxford droped out at the race in Goring because the rowlocks
collections/imagno collection/miss germany irma hofer photograph deutschland
Miss Germany Irma Hofer, Photograph, Deutschland, Um 1930
collections/imagno collection/miss florida beauty pageant photograph america
Miss Florida beauty pageant, Photograph, America, Around 1930
collections/imagno collection/years old girl miss america five years photograph
Four years-old girl as 'Miss America under five- years,' Photograph, America
collections/imagno collection/beauty pageant english lake resort competatives
At a beauty pageant at a english lake resort the competatives had to cover their faces
collections/imagno collection/miss philadelphia
Miss Philadelphia
collections/imagno collection/miss austria lisl goldarbeiter left befor award
"Miss Austria Lisl Goldarbeiter (left) befor the award of the title 'Miss Universe'
collections/imagno collection/the winner contest beautiful smile world america
"The winner of the contest for the most beautiful smile in the world, America
collections/imagno collection/miss america 1938
Miss America 1938
collections/imagno collection/election miss universe
Election of Miss Universe
collections/imagno collection/beauty contest beautiful eyes england competatives
"Beauty contest for the most beautiful eyes of England, The competatives have
collections/imagno collection/dorothy dell goff 17 year old new orleans won
"Dorothy Dell Goff a 17 year old from New Orleans won the 'Miss Universe'
collections/imagno collection/the beautiful women america photograph philadelphia
"The most beautiful women of America, Photograph, Philadelphia, Around 1930"
collections/imagno collection/american radiologist howell competition beautiful
The American Radiologist Howell At The Competition Most Beautiful Back America. About 1930
collections/imagno collection/opening vienna opera ball
Opening of Vienna Opera Ball
collections/imagno collection/children music band rehearsing photogaphy 1930
"Children music band rehearsing, Photogaphy, Around 1930"
collections/imagno collection/employees bush house londons biggest office
"Employees of the Bush House, Londons biggest office building at their lunch
collections/imagno collection/conductors hand baton 1960 photograph franz
Conductor'S Hand With Baton. About 1960. Photograph By Franz Hubmann
collections/imagno collection/people waving goodby queen mary scotland photograph
"People waving goodby to the Queen Mary, Scotland, Photograph, 24, 3, 1936"
collections/imagno collection/heavy breaker coast street
Heavy breaker on a coast street
collections/imagno collection/six pairs twins attending davidson mains school
"Six pairs of twins, all attending the Davidson Mains School in Edinburgh, Photograph
collections/imagno collection/lochnager popular climb holidaymakers gives fine
Lochnager is a popular climb for holidaymakers and gives a fine view of the surrounding
poster art/poster kohn furniture enterprise
Poster for Kohn - furniture enterprise
collections/imagno collection/playing beach girls enjoying sunny weather aberystwyth
Playing at the Beach, Girls enjoying the sunny weather in Aberystwyth, in the North of Wales
collections/imagno collection/youngster beach southsea wearing big hat photograph
"Youngster on the beach at Southsea wearing a big hat, Photograph, 1937"
collections/imagno collection/demonstrations high divers long beaches swimmer club
"Demonstrations of high divers of the Long Beache?s swimmer club, Photograph
subjects/christmas/display turkeys christmas time leadenhall market
"Display of turkeys at christmas time at Leadenhall market, Photograph, England
subjects/christmas/the st stephens cathedral christmas time 1850
"The St, Stephen?s Cathedral in the Christmas Time, Around 1850, Watercolour
collections/imagno collection/chorus girls revue theater femina vienna photograph
Chorus girls of the revue theater 'Femina', Vienna, Photograph, 1920s
collections/imagno collection/michaelerplatz michaelerkirche
Michaelerplatz and Michaelerkirche
collections/imagno collection/burning treumann theatre house
The Burning of the Treumann theatre house
collections/imagno collection/korpulente revue girls girls weigh 100 kg photograph
"Korpulente revue-girls: the girls must not weigh under 100 kg, Photograph, Around
collections/imagno collection/cinema box office forum cinema 1970 photograph
Cinema Box Office. Forum Cinema. About 1970. Photograph
collections/imagno collection/urania cinema 1131959 vienna photograph
Urania Cinema. 11.3.1959. Vienna. Photograph
collections/imagno collection/playing children photograph 1930
Playing children, Photograph, Around 1930
collections/imagno collection/chimpanzees london zoo cooking photograph 1935
"Chimpanzees of the London zoo with the cooking, Photograph, Around 1935"
collections/imagno collection/the biggest existing american flag carried streets
"The biggest existing american flag is carried through the streets of San Francisco
collections/imagno collection/salvage royal air force plane marine lake england
"Salvage of a Royal Air Force plane from Marine Lake, England, Photograph, May
collections/imagno collection/everyday life street hongkong china photograph
"Everyday life in a street in Hongkong, China, Photograph, Around 1930"
collections/imagno collection/shopping street hong kong china photograph
"Shopping street in Hong Kong, China, Photograph, 20, 12, 1937"
collections/imagno collection/chineese refugees hongkong photograph 01 08
"Chineese refugees in Hongkong, Photograph, 01, 08, 1939"
collections/imagno collection/german born actress marlene dietrich arrival
"German-born actress Marlene Dietrich at her arrival for the film shooting of
collections/imagno collection/a new old coachmen nr 83 state opera vienna
"A new and an old coachmen (Nr, 83) in front of the State Opera, Vienna, Photography
collections/imagno collection/little elefants trying mount bus berlin photograph
"Little elefants are trying to mount a bus, Berlin, Photograph, 1930"
collections/imagno collection/new double decker bus
New double-decker bus
collections/imagno collection/anouncing crowning king edward viii london photograph
"Anouncing of the crowning of King Edward VIII in London, Photograph, May the 29th
collections/imagno collection/police check motorcyclist occasion visit duke
"Police check of a motorcyclist on the occasion of the visit of the duke od Windsor
collections/imagno collection/dress chantilly lace photography 1930
collections/imagno collection/underwear
collections/imagno collection/ad accessories ladies
Advertisement with Accessories for Ladies
collections/imagno collection/ad leather gloves
Advertisement with Leather Gloves
collections/imagno collection/beach fashion
Beach fashion
collections/imagno collection/writing polyglott mannequin
Writing Polyglott mannequin
collections/imagno collection/two english mannequins photograph september
"Two English of mannequins, Photograph, September 3rd 1929"
collections/imagno collection/construction worlds biggest fastest liner
Construction of the world's biggest and fastest liner
collections/imagno collection/silhouette cat cord photograph 1935
Silhouette of a cat on a cord. Photograph. Around 1935
collections/imagno collection/a lazy dog carried owner walk cold snow own
"A lazy dog is carried by his owner so that it has not to walk through the cold
collections/imagno collection/fashion
collections/imagno collection/life fruits
Still life: fruits
collections/imagno collection/stillife flowers pears tea cup autochrome lumiasre
Stillife With Flowers, Pears And Tea Cup. Autochrome LumiAšre. Photograph Probably By Franz Kaiser
poster art/poster 13th exhibition viennese sec
Poster for the 13th exhibition of the Viennese Sec
poster art/poster 20th exhibition viennese sec
Poster for the 20th exhibition of the Viennese Sec
poster art/poster paul poiret vienna
Poster: Paul Poiret in Vienna
poster art/unrealised design poster
Unrealised design for a Poster
poster art/poster frommes calendar
Poster for Fromme's Calendar
poster art/poster 5th art exhibiton secession
Poster for the 5th art exhibiton of the Secession
collections/imagno collection/the film actress loretta young winner beauty
"The film actress Loretta Young is the winner of a beauty pageant for the most beautiful eyes
collections/imagno collection/two women sledging england photograph 1937
"Two women at a sledging, England, Photograph, 1937"
art/edgar degas 1834 1917/woman combing hair
Woman combing her hair
art/edgar degas 1834 1917/nudes
Two nudes
art/edgar degas 1834 1917/nude bath
"Nude, after the bath"
art/edgar degas 1834 1917/edgar degas self portrait
"Edgar Degas, self-portrait"
art/paul gauguin 1848 1903/tahitian women beach
Tahitian women on the beach
art/gustav klimt 1862 1918/nude girl red patterned draperies
Nude girl in red patterned draperies
art/gustav klimt 1862 1918/beethoven frieze
Beethoven frieze
collections/imagno collection/priest makes preparations thanksgiving photograph
"Priest makes preparations for Thanksgiving, Photograph, 1936"
collections/imagno collection/fishing competion children queing worms photograph
"Fishing competion for children, They are queing for worms, Photograph, August
collections/imagno collection/childern wooden letters
Childern with wooden letters
collections/imagno collection/speedboat photograph america california long
"Speedboat, Photograph, America, California, Long Beach, Around 1930"
collections/imagno collection/a 18 meter long shark chaught north santa monica
"A 18 meter long shark was chaught in the north of Santa Monica, Photograph
collections/imagno collection/22 months old boy lights cigarette workmanlike manner
22-months-old boy lights a cigarette in a workmanlike manner. According to some information
collections/imagno collection/start glider flexible rope snapped airplane
"Start of the glider, The flexible rope that snapped the airplane into air falls down
collections/imagno collection/special contest housewives los angeles usa
"Special contest for housewives in Los Angeles, USA, Photograph, Around 1930"


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