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Daily Herald

A fascinating photographic archive from this British Daily Newspaper published 1912-1964

The Daily Herald was a British daily newspaper published in London between 1912 and 1964 although during the First World War, it was published only weekly, returning to daily publication in 1919 . It was published in the interest of the labour movement and supported the Labour Party. It underwent several changes of management before ceasing publication in 1964 when it was relaunched as The Sun.  This fascinating photographic archive includes work by many famous photographers who contributed assignments to the newspaper over the years.

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hulton archive/daily herald/group young women looking railway carriage 3
A group of young women looking out of a railway carriage, 3 July 1931
hulton archive/daily herald/school children evacuated london 28 september
School children being evacuated from London, 28 September 1938
great british seaside holidays/blackpool/driving go kart 1937
Driving a go-kart, 1937
hulton archive/daily herald/policeman 1933
A policeman, 1933
hulton archive/fox photo library/reading daily herald 1926
Reading the 'Daily Herald' 1926
great british seaside holidays/beautiful brighton/photography elderly couple sleeping beach 1959
Photography of an elderly couple sleeping on the beach, 1959
hulton archive/daily herald/cine juke box known cinebox insta
Cine juke box, known as the Cinebox insta
hulton archive/daily herald/group unemployed men gathered round streetlight
A group of unemployed men gathered round a streetlight, 3 November 1931
hulton archive/daily herald/boys walking waste ground slum area liverpool
Boys walking across waste ground in a slum area of Liverpool, 21 November 1949
subjects/christmas/men looking windows selfridges london 9 december
Men looking in the windows of Selfridges, London, 9 December 1937
hulton archive/daily herald/christmas comes trafalgar square
Christmas Comes to Trafalgar Square
hulton archive/daily herald/illustrated reporters cameraman plane peace
Illustrated reporters & cameraman in plane at Peace conference
hulton archive/daily herald/miniature motor car 6 june 1945
Miniature motor car, 6 June 1945
hulton archive/daily herald/sr n1 hovercraft calais 24 july 1959
SR-N1 hovercraft, Calais, 24 July 1959
hulton archive/daily herald/woman wearing sunglasses royal richmond horse show
Woman wearing sunglasses, Royal Richmond Horse Show, June 1939
hulton archive/daily herald/fashions jumpers skirts 1958
Fashions, jumpers and skirts, 1958
hulton archive/daily herald/family listening speech winston churchill 19
Family listening to a speech by Winston Churchill, 19 May 1945
hulton archive/daily herald/tobogganing sunny hill park 1935
Tobogganing at Sunny Hill Park, 1935
hulton archive/daily herald/tobogganing hampstead heath london 22 december
Tobogganing on Hampstead Heath, London, 22 December 1938
hulton archive/daily herald/passengers waiting waterloo station london 1930s
Passengers waiting at Waterloo station, London, 1930s
hulton archive/daily herald/girls playing baseball 1932
Girls playing baseball, 1932
great british seaside holidays/skegness/beach cricket skegness lincolnshire
Beach cricket at Skegness in Lincolnshire
hulton archive/daily herald/woman modelling latest golfing fashions 16 february
Woman modelling the latest golfing fashions, 16 February 1933
hulton archive/daily herald/woman holding toy shoulders c 1930s
Woman holding a toy over her shoulders, c 1930s
hulton archive/daily herald/picnic park first day spring 10 march 1946
Picnic in the park on the first day of Spring, 10 March 1946
hulton archive/daily herald/young men reading air raid warning notice wwii
Young men reading an air raid warning notice, WWII
hulton archive/daily herald/sizes crackers 14 december 1932
All sizes of crackers, 14 December 1932
hulton archive/daily herald/girl asleep porters trolley victoria station
A girl asleep on a porters trolley, Victoria Station, London, 3 July 1931
great british seaside holidays/beautiful brighton/men bathing brighton sussex 11 april 1931
Men bathing at Brighton, Sussex, 11 April 1931. Photograph by Harold Tomlin
hulton archive/daily herald/radiolympia girl cathode television tube 1936
Radiolympia girl with a cathode television tube, 1936
hulton archive/daily herald/professor rankine producing synthetic snowstorm
Professor Rankine producing a synthetic snowstorm at the Royal Institution, 3 January
hulton archive/daily herald/little girl pouring whisky 1932
Little girl pouring whisky, 1932
hulton archive/daily herald/firework makers 1932
Firework makers, 1932
hulton archive/daily herald/cyclist snapshooters 1933
Cyclist snapshooters, 1933
hulton archive/daily herald/children playing 1935
Children playing, 1935
hulton archive/daily herald/asbestos suit 1936
Asbestos suit, 1936
hulton archive/daily herald/flasks growing penicillin culture 1943
Flasks growing penicillin culture, 1943
great british seaside holidays/beautiful brighton/sunbathing brighton 3 august 1935
Sunbathing at Brighton, 3 August 1935
hulton archive/daily herald/londons famous open spaces 21 jun 1937
Londons famous open spaces, 21 Jun 1937
hulton archive/daily herald/english draughts championship ymca march 1948
English Draughts Championship at the YMCA, March 1948
hulton archive/daily herald/man diving swimming pool 1935
Man diving into a swimming pool, 1935
hulton archive/daily herald/woman lifting weights 29 february 1956
Woman lifting weights, 29 February 1956
hulton archive/daily herald/children staring toy shop window c1940
Children staring at a toy shop window, c.1940
hulton archive/daily herald/operating tape machine telegraphy office daily herald
Operating a tape machine in telegraphy office at the Daily Herald, 8 June 1931
hulton archive/daily herald/girl buttonholing machine diana shoe factory
Girl at buttonholing machine, Diana shoe factory, Leicester, 18 April, 1931
hulton archive/daily herald/christmas hampers crosse blackwells
Christmas hampers at Crosse and Blackwells
hulton archive/daily herald/scientist chemical laboratory 29 november 1937
A scientist in a chemical laboratory, 29 November 1937
hulton archive/daily herald/making artificial leg 1932
Making an artificial leg, 1932
hulton archive/daily herald/dairy show 1933
Dairy Show, 1933
hulton archive/daily herald/woman making glass eyes 1935
Woman making glass eyes, 1935
hulton archive/daily herald/eton steeplechase berkshire 15 february 1935
Eton steeplechase, Berkshire, 15 February 1935
hulton archive/daily herald/meeting international african friends ethiopia
Meeting of the International African Friends of Ethiopia, London, 1935
hulton archive/daily herald/young person giant ice cream 1936
Young person with a giant ice cream, 1936
hulton archive/daily herald/little girl crufts 1937
Little girl at Crufts, 1937
hulton archive/daily herald/children sitting bench 1937
Children sitting on a bench, 1937
hulton archive/daily herald/worker shoe factory 1938
Worker in a shoe factory, 1938
great british seaside holidays/blackpool/women catching sun 1930s
Four women catching the sun, 1930s
hulton archive/daily herald/british rally winners return monte carlo rally
British rally winners on their return from the Monte Carlo Rally, where British drivers
hulton archive/daily herald/couple kissing miners strike 1936
Couple kissing during miners strike, 1936
hulton archive/daily herald/chemist work laboratory vincents toffee works
A chemist at work in his laboratory at Vincents Toffee works, Huntingdon, Birmingham
hulton archive/daily herald/little girl packet cigarettes 1932
Little girl with a packet of cigarettes, 1932
hulton archive/daily herald/woman taking sleeping pills 1954
Woman taking sleeping pills, 1954
hulton archive/daily herald/dressing ship 1935
Dressing the ship, 1935
hulton archive/daily herald/ice cream tricycle 1936
Ice cream tricycle, 1936
hulton archive/daily herald/watching television 1936
Watching television, 1936
hulton archive/daily herald/rugby spectators 1937
Rugby spectators, 1937
hulton archive/daily herald/coronation street party 1937
Coronation street party, 1937
hulton archive/daily herald/watching fleet 1937
Watching the fleet, 1937
hulton archive/daily herald/typist wears mask protect asian flu 24 sept 1957
A typist wears a mask to protect against Asian flu, 24 Sept 1957
great british seaside holidays/magical margate/margate 5 august 1935
Margate, 5 August 1935
subjects/christmas/father christmas quinn axtens store brixton london
Father Christmas at Quinn and Axtens store in Brixton, London, 5 December 1934
hulton archive/daily herald/fashions royal ascot races gold cup day 18 june
Fashions at the Royal Ascot Races, Gold Cup Day, 18 June 1936
great british seaside holidays/holiday makers jaywick sands near clacton 18
Holiday makers, Jaywick Sands, near Clacton, 18 June 1932
hulton archive/daily herald/young girl giant wellington boot 1933
Young girl and a giant Wellington boot, 1933
hulton archive/daily herald/women eating giant ice cream cones 1936
Women eating giant ice cream cones, 1936
hulton archive/daily herald/muffin man 1937
The muffin man, 1937
hulton archive/daily herald/operating drill 1938
Operating a drill, about 1938
hulton archive/daily herald/eton steeplechase 1938
Eton steeplechase, 1938
hulton archive/daily herald/riverside scene henley regatta 1 july 1931
Riverside scene at Henley Regatta, 1 July 1931
hulton archive/daily herald/phillips kingfisher bicycle 10 march 1953
Phillips Kingfisher bicycle, 10 March 1953
hulton archive/daily herald/woman carrying christmas tree covent garden
Woman carrying a christmas tree, Covent Garden, 27 November 1936
hulton archive/daily herald/ministry supply scientist work 6 december 1939
Ministry of Supply scientist at work, 6 December 1939
hulton archive/daily herald/boys untangling seaweed fishing
Two boys untangling seaweed from a fishing
hulton archive/daily herald/little boy carrying lamb 1932
Little boy carrying a lamb, 1932
hulton archive/daily herald/penicillin growing petrie dish 1943
Penicillin growing in a petrie dish, 1943
hulton archive/daily herald/young women using electric washing machines 1935
Young women using electric washing machines, 1935
hulton archive/daily herald/woman demonstrating portable pain relief apparatus
Woman demonstrating portable pain relief apparatus, 1937
hulton archive/daily herald/clay pigeon shooting champion 1938
Clay pigeon shooting champion, 1938
hulton archive/daily herald/model maker display case 1939
Model-maker with display case, 1939
hulton archive/daily herald/london palladium dancers ron burton 1960
London Palladium dancers, by Ron Burton, 1960
hulton archive/daily herald/dancing rock n roll london 18 september 1956
Dancing to Rock n Roll, London, 18 September 1956
hulton archive/daily herald/dancing rock n roll london 18 september 1956
Dancing to rock n roll, London, 18 September 1956