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Images Dated 30th August 2005

Reef Workings
Reef Workings
Female switchboard operator, portrait (B&W)
Female switchboard operators connecting calls (B&W)
Two female switchboard operators connecting international calls (B&W)
Female telephone switchboard operator connecting caller, close-up (B&W)
Father teaching son (10-12) to ice skate on frozen lake (B&W)
Boy (2-4) holding telephone (B&W)
Parents and son (11-13) having barbecue by lake (B&W sepia tone)
Mature man looking through window in fence at construction site (B&W)
Male acrobat on unicycle supporting woman in air (B&W)
Young man with books under arm smiling (B&W)
Couple picnicking, man sitting on car runningboard (B&W sepia tone)
Mother watching father lifting toddler (18-21 months) (B&W sepia tone)
Woman baking bread in kitchen (B&W sepia tone)
Teenage girl and boy (15-17) eating turkey dinner (B&W sepia tone)
Couple by fireplace wearing riding clothes (B&W)
Optometrist examining womans eyes (B&W)
Man starting lawn mower (B&W)
Doctors applying cast to mans leg (B&W sepia tone)
Boy (6-8) looking at model train set on Christmas Day(B&W sepia tone)
Mature couple, profile, close-up (B&W)
Boy (8-10) wearing flying cap and goggles holding toy plane (B&W)
Two hunters with dogs sharing cigars (B&W sepia tone)
Young woman, standing on chair, adjusting giant radio tuner (B&W)
Woman peeling potato, wearing gas mask (B&W)
Theatre audience looking at screen, rear view (B&W)
Toddler girl (21-24 months) wearing adults shoes, portrait (B&W)
Female nursing students watching blood pressure demonstration (B&W)
Couple in formal wear celebrating New Year (B&W)
Young woman recording voice, using gramophone (B&W)
Man pointing at himself, portrait (B&W)
Young couple sharing wedge of watermelon (B&W)
Mature woman playing cards, smoking cigar (B&W)
Mother giving daughter (7-9) cough syrup (B&W sepia tone)
Nurse taking male patients temperature (B&W sepia tone)
Optometrist giving man eye examination (B&W)
Woman frowning, holding hands to face (B&W)
Group of men playing cards, wearing gas masks (B&W)
Teenage couples (15-18) dancing at party
Mother showing roast turkey to children (7-10) at Christmas meal
Woman and two men golfing with caddy
Archive Shot / Group of Office Workers Sitting at their Desks
Two men driving race car (B&W sepia tone)
Man driving vintage race car (B&W)
Young couple looking upwards (B&W)
Couple Embracing / Circa 1920 s
Four young women performing modern dance (B&W)
USA, Florida, Miami, South Beach, gulls flying over lifeguard hut

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