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Images Dated 27th April 2006

Antique map of Denmark
At The Boat Houses
Antique map of Denmark
Antique map of holy land with Egypt and Israel
Antique map of the Empire of Alexander the Great
Antique star chart with zodiac signs
Antique map of Asia and Australia divided into three sections
Map of the world
antique, archival, brasil, brasilia, brazil, cartography, cartouche, colored, decorative
nobody, antique, vintage, archival, cartography, geography, map, history, historical
america meridionalis, animals, antique, archival, boat, border, cartography, cartouche
arabia, archival, asia, border, cartography, caspian sea, coordinates, document, geography
antique, archival, canada, cartography, coast, colonialism, frontier, geographical
antique, archival, art, crowd, de l europe, engravings, figure lxxl, french, historic
antique, architecture, art, city, clouds, de la cite d acre, engraving, fortified
archival, armenia, art, banners, day, de l asie, engravings, figure cil, french
18th century, africa, antique, antique, architecture, archival, cairo, chatelain
binary, digital, earth, energy, global, globe, lightning, montage, nobody, numbers
buildings, city, metropolis, metropolitan, night, nobody, north america, outdoor
antique, archival, baltic, border, cartography, denmark, document, europe, european
art, creepy, crown, culture, day, eerie, fiji, god, head shot, human likeness, idol
Antique map of Palestine
Antique map of the coast of Phoenicia
Antique map of Asia Minor, present day Turkey
Antique map of the Middle East
Antique map of fortified city of Ptolemaida
Antique map of Turkey in Asia
Antique print of plans for town of Isfahan in Iran
Antique map showing distribution of Simeon tribe in the holy land
Antique map of the holy land with table of data
Antique map of Syria
Antique document and map
Antique map of Turkey and the Black Sea
Antique map of holy land with Nile River Delta
Antique map of Peru and Ecuador with plans for Lima
Antique map of Turkey with vignettes
Map of Denmark
Antique map of island of Fionia in Denmark
Antique map of Denmark and vicinity
Antique map of Scandinavian region with Iceland and Greenland
Antique map of Sweden and adjacent countries
Antique map of Scandinavian region
Hummingbird hovering by pink flowerhead and sucking nectar out of flower, side view
Greater Flamingo, Phoenicopterus ruber, side view
Barn Owl, Tyto alba, front view
Elf Owl, Micrathene whitneyi, head and eyes, front view
Eurasian Eagle-Owl, Bubo bubo, head of owl, front view
Long-eared Owl, Asio otus, front view
Artwork of white caterpillar with black spots
Caterpillar crawling on green leaf with contracted body raised up, side view
Black Fly, Simulium sp. side view
Puss Moth, Cerura vinula, artwork of green and brown caterpillar
Pair of blue gloves

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