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Images Dated 12th July 2006

Domestic Scene
South Georgia, Cumberland Bay, iceberg
South Georgia, Trollhul, surf on autumn evening (blurred motion)
South Georgia, rainbow over calm sea, autumn
Female Antarctic fur seal pup and king penguin side by side on beach
Male Antarctic fur seal and king penguins on ice floe
South Georgia, Cumberland Bay, lenticular clouds, autumn evening
South Georgia, Cumberland Bay, coastal mountains and sea, autumn
South Georgia, Salvesen Range, Twitcher Glacier calving
Reflections in sea water, full frame, elevated view
South Georgia, Iris Bay, iceberg, close-up
South Georgia, Cumberland Bay, Neumayer Glacier, autumn
South Georgia, iceberg and coastal mountains, autumn morning
South Georgia, iceberg at sea, sunrise, autumn
South Georgia, cumulus clouds in sky over calm sea, sunrise
South Georgia, Smaaland Cove, stream flowing over moss-covered rocks
South Georgia, cumulus clouds in sky over ice floe, sunrise
South Georgia, rainbow and cumulus clouds over calm sea, autumn
Cumulus clouds and rain showers over sea, aerial view
South Georgia, Smaaland Cove, rough sea in wind, autumn evening
South Georgia, cumulus clouds over seascape, autumn
South Georgia, mountain peak enshrouded in fog, autumn morning
Semipalmated sandpipers (Calidris pusilla) during autumn migration
Antarctic fur seal pup in king penguin rookery (focus on seal pup)
King penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus) rookery along shoreline
King penguins (Aptenodytes patagonicus) standing along shoreline
Female Antarctic fur seals passing through king penguin rookery
Southern elephant seal pup in king penguin rookery
Antarctic fur seal in sea, king penguins on shore in background
African Elephant (Loxodonta africana), side view
Eurasian Beaver (castor fiber) sitting on ground gnawing away at tree trunk, side view
Log cabin, front view
Illustrated calendar, front view
One man band, man in blue-and-yellow suit and top hat playing clarinet while carrying banjo on his shoulders
Man wearing blue vest and shorts running, front view
Two basketball players jumping up in the air near basket, one of them throwing the ball
Football player in orange and green outfit running with football in front of him, front view
Man in yellow jumper, beige trousers and cap swinging golf club, golf bag on trolly at his side
Rugby player running while holding ball, front view
Boxer wearing shorts, vest, boxing gloves and head protector, standing poised with legs apart
Man sitting in a single scull long rowing boat
Man sitting in hull of yacht racing along water
Weight lifter with bended knees struggling to lift weight from the ground, front view
Man crossing rope bridge spanning river, mountain landscape in background
Brightly coloured compass
Jet plane, view from above
Illustration, Smock Mill, traditional four-armed windmill
Illustration, mechanical wristwatch with roman numerals, brown leather strap, internal gold wheels and springs visible
Illustration, yellow Mini car, side view
Illustration, red and grey speedboat, side view
Milanese Woman
Bordighera Three
Flower Pickers
Musical Courting

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