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Images Dated 18th July 2006

Standing African woman in traditional Somalian clothing pounding grain in a clay pot using a stick, front view
View of rainforest from Phnom Bakheng
Yucca aloifolia, Spanish Bayonet plant
Krill (malacostracans), side view
Winding road sign on Chinook Pass, just outside of Mt. Rainer National Park, Washington State, USA
Common Pheasant (Phasianus colchicus), standing on grass, side view
Spiny Spider Crab (malacostracans), view from above
Swallowtail butterfly (papilio machaon), close up
Chamaeleon (chamaeleonidae) perched on tree branch, side view
Scallop (aviculopecten), extinct species with closed shell, side view
Iresine herbstii, Beefsteak Plant or Bloodleaf, front view
Vriesea splendens, Flaming Sword plant
Zantedeschia sp. Arum Lily plant
Rebutia calliantha, flowering Crown Cactus, view from above
Thunbergia alata, Black-eyed Susan plant, front view
Senecio macroglossus Variegatus, Cape Ivy or Natal Ivy or Wax Vine
Elaeis guineensis, African Oil Palm tree
Saintpaulia, African Violet with pink flowers
Saintpaulia, African Violet with purple flowers, elevated view
Hibiscus plant with yellow flower, front view
Ixora coccinea Jacqueline, Flame of the Woods or Jungle Flame, flowering plant
Acanthaceae, sanchezia speciosa, leafy plant with yellow flowerhead
Cistus incanus, Rock Rose or Sun Rose, elevated view
Man paddling kayak through poles on rapids, elevated view
Scooter with many lights on front, side view
Man on bike riding in field rounding sheep
Ships sextant
Ships sextant
Gate at Banteay Samre temple
Buddha carved faces in Bayon Temple

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