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Images Dated 14th June 2006

Strix aluco, Tawny Owl perched on tree branch
Deck of container ship, elevated view
Dromaeosaurus, red and black striped dinosaur with strong hind legs, side view
Ruacana Falls Scenic
Cacti Plain, Blue Skies with Cloud
Landscape View at Sunset
Sitta europaea, Eurasian Nuthatch perched on a rock looking up, side view
Parus caeruleus, Blue Tit perched on a flowery tree twig
Vulpes vulpes, red fox, side view
Meles meles, Europian Badger, side view
Dama dama, Fallow Deer, side view
Erinaceus europaeus, European Hedgehog
Muscardinus avellanarius, Hazel Dormouse perched on tree branch, side view
Sciurus vulgaris, Red Squirrel holding nut
Cross-section diagram of a non-cancerous tumour including a fibrous capsule, tissue layer and blood vessel
Six red blood cells
Cross-section diagram of a human nerve fascicle, including a bundle of nerve fibres, blood vessels and myelin sheath
Section diagram depicting the human vertebral column, spinal nerve, spinal cord and vertebra of the delicate spina
Diagram of a human thoracic vertebrae including the intervertebral disk, vertebral process and ligaments
Brassica napus, yellow Rape flowers
Diagram of backhoe loader depicting both the digging and loading positions of the front and back arms, side view
Yellow backhoe loader, rear view
Yellow backhoe loader
Passenger ferry, side view
The Royal Princess cruise ship
The 1886 square-rigger ship Balclutha, side view

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