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Images Dated 28th November 2006

Tall pink spray can
Illustration, ball and socket joint, arrows indicating possible directions of movement
Santa Claus hand puppet carrying a sack
Illustration, diagram of male reproductive system
Illustration, diagram of female reproductive system
Treasure chest containing gold coins, pearl necklaces, diamonds, drinking vessel and crown
Illustration in grey-blue, view down two sides of house on corner, showing ground floor and first floor
Illustration in purple, view down two sides of house on corner, showing ground floor and first floor
Illustration in pink, cafe or bar with one chair each at three tables, window with pulled back curtain, till on counter
Painting of Christmas trees on an easel, palette, brush, tube of green paint in front
Three elves decorating a Christmas tree
Santa Claus hand puppet, and bird and snowman finger puppets
Snowflake on blue background
Snow landscape with trees and a house with smoke rising from the chimney
The Life Of Santa book and snowman bookmark
Santa Clause writing on a piece of paper
Santa Claus carrying presents on his back
Elf cutting up a piece of paper
Elves putting letters in sacks
Santa visits in the night, What a wonderful sight note and pen
Present with tree pattern wrapping paper and pink bow at the top
Bird flying between snowflakes
Bird carrying an envelope
Using scissors to cut out snowflake shapes for Christmas decorations
Gingerbread biscuits on baking tray, with oven gloves and shape cutter
Illustration in light green, table decorated for birthday party with wrapped presents, pointy hat, cake, candles
Path winding its way past bench and two trees and disappearing into distance
Head of girl with long, straight brown hair wrapping front strands around barrel of curling iron
Head of girl with long brown hair dressed in ringlets
Girl holding up section of her long blonde hair, some of it clipped back at side
Girl brushing her long blonde hair, dressed in three knots at top
Head of girl blow drying her long red hair, clipped back on one side
Girl wringing her long dark hair while holding blow dryer in the other hand
Tall light blue bottle with dispenser top
Girl with long ginger hair flipped over her face having a shower
Yellow wide-tooth comb
Illustration in brown, showing room with single window and pulled back curtains
Illustration, dressing room mirror with six light bulbs on top and range of make-up on board at bottom
Illustration in light blue, kitchen arranged around right angle, including cooker with oven
Rabbit appearing from a hat, magic wand, stars, illustration
Illustration in light blue, theatre, indoor view of auditorium including stalls and boxes
Illustration in shades of orange, Helianthus sp. seven sunflowers and three bushes in background
Illustration in shades of yellow, seven sunflowers and three bushes, fence in background, sun shining overhead
Ten red balloons on strings
Ten green balloons on strings
Fairground attractions including rollercoaster, big wheel, carousel and a stall with balls to throw at targets
Volleyball pitch with net and ball
Stretch limousine, opened front door leading out onto purple carpet with barriers on either side

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