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Images Dated 4th September 2006

Woman walking through security gate, carrying bag, contents made visible
Three penguins sliding down snowy slope into water, one penguin wading in water
Fire escapes on buildings, New York City
White-breasted Cormorant, Lake Malawi, Malawi
Selection of wrapped and unwrapped presents
Smiling teddy bear in green coat, blue scarf and black shoes, walking through room
Winged fantasy insect holding wand
Colourful bells, ribbons and stars
Colourful bauble hanging from string, falling snowflakes in background
Selection of Christmas sweets
Row of colourful baubles hanging from strings
Angel with halo and butterfly wings flying and blowing trumpet, side view
Smiling gingerbread man holding hat and walking stick
Smiling adult Penguin and chick standing on small ice floe, group of Penguins behind them on icy shore
Polar bear cub standing on icy suface, dipping paw into water revealed in circular hole in ice
Santa Claus walking with sack flung over his shoulder, side view
Head of smiling seal emerging from water in circular hole in icy surface
Pair of yellow shoes decorated with pink floral pattern
Snowman with striped scarf wrapped around neck, red christmas hat and robin perched on carrot nose
Winter scene, fir trees covered with snow, snowman peeking out behind tree, robin perched on tree
Sparkling yellow star on top of Christmas tree
Christmas stocking, red ribbons and pink wrapping paper
Red Christmas stocking filled with presents
Teddy bear stepping out of red Christmas stocking
Cartoon steam train emerging from tunnel, smiling face at front of locomotive
Glittering yellow star on top of Christmas tree decorated with baubles and colourful lights
Row of four decorated Christmas trees against red background
Toy train moving along circular track passing under snowy mountain tunnels
Flying angel with halo and wings holding wand, stars in background
Smiling angel with halo and butterfly wings, standing on Christmas tree twig decorated with baubles
Snowman at three different stages of build
Protoceratops, dinosaur with forelimbs shorter than hind legs, beak, large ears
Computer processing unit socket
Grey propeller with seven blades
Bulky grey submarine with propeller at back
Long dark grey submarine
Reticulated giraffe, Kenya
Delinquent Boys
Corner Loungers
Cruelty To Children

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