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Images Dated 19th June 2007

Greece, Third Wonder, seated statue of Greek God Zeus, located in ancient town of Olympia
Honey Bee (Apis mellifera), internal anatomy, cross-section
View from Mt. Kramer or Mt. Kramerspitz on Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Mt. Zugspitze
Mesolithic man, gathering around fire in family groups and building dwellings
Mosquito (Culicidae), female, internal anatomy, and sucking blood from skin, cross-section
Map of Southern United States of America, with illustrations of distinguishing features and landmarks
Blue-Ringed Octopus (Hapalochlaena), internal anatomy, cross-section
Deinonychus antirrhopus, carnivorous dromaeosaurid dinosaur, early Cretaceous Period
USSR, map of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, illustrated with pictures
India, map with illustrations showing distinguishing features
area, bodies, body, cloud, conservation, countryside, daylight, daytime, districts
Cross-section view of several stages of Dolphins motion when emerging over surface of water, side view
Land Snail (Gastropoda), internal anatomy, cross-section
Common Starfish (Asteroidea), internal anatomy, cross-section
Spider (Araneae), internal anatomy, cross-section
Crocodile (Crocodylidae), internal anatomy, cross-section
Dragonfly (Anisoptera), on stem of plant, and bug below, elevated view
Jelly Fish (Scyphozoa), underwater marine invertebrate
Human baby in womb, internal cross-section
Shark on ocean bed, surrounded by marine life
Rocket blasting into space, low angle view
Astronaut standing near Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV) and boulder on surface of moon, elevated view
Lobsters (Nephropidae), fighting
Various forms of travel above and on ocean, including helicopter, yachts, and aircraft
Colorful group of birds
Helicopter in flight, and diagram of rotor blades
Ancient and modern hang gliding, low angle view
Allosaurus, bipedal carnivorous dinosaur
Baby birds hatching from egg in four stages until bird is fully hatched, standing near adult
Small, fixed-wing aircraft, cross-section, elevated view
Birds of prey in flight and perched on branch of tree
Group of birds in flight, on land, and perching on branch
Paparazzi photographing glamorous woman in limousine, elevated view
Firefighting aircraft drops fire retardant over blaze as it battles wildfires, with diving bird inset
Jet engine, internal components, cross-section
Airliner, expanded cross-section, elevated view
Town near mountainous region, elevated view
Refrigerator, cross-section, elevated view
Female statue, resembling Liberty, atop podium
Various designs of colorfully decorated kites
Comparison of architectural designs
Factories, with tall chimneys billowing pollutants
Crowded platform at Victorian railway station, with two locomotive steam trains either side
Volcanic eruption, cross-section
Birds of prey, woodpecker, crows, gulls, and in flight and foraging
Various railway bridges
Coastline showing cliffs, beach, lighthouse, wildlife and waters edge
Busy platform at Victorian railway station

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