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Images Dated 24th June 2008

Illustration of human digestive system, including stomach, small intestine and large intestine
A Sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) underwater in pursuit of a krill
Dorling Kindersley Collection
Illustration of abdominal incision between ribs kept open by spreaders exposing human lung and blood vessels
Illustration of gastric glands secreting pepsin to break down protein in stomach into digestible peptides
Illustration of cross section of normal bone structure with blood vessels in central canal
Illustration of jug of fresh cream, raw pork chop and packet of butter
Illustration showing how enzymes flow through human pancreatic duct into duodenum of small intestine
Illustration showing excess Cholesterol in bloodstream over-saturating body cells
Illustration of fresh orange, apple, peach and grapes
Illustration of development of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis showing bronchus
Illustration of villus in human small intestine absorbing peptides and amino acids into capillaries
Illustration of bottles of olive oil, peanut oil, and green olives and peanuts
Illustration of polyunsaturated fat sources in bottles of oil, oily fish, and sunflower seeds
Illustration of fresh cauliflower, white onion and carrots
Illustration showing cholesterol molecules passing from blood cells into body cell membrane to regulate blood
Diagram showing bronchoscope being inserted into patients throat
A healthy bronchus
A diagram showing aspergilloma affecting human lung
Temple carving, India
Temple exterior, India

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Prints, Framed, Puzzles, Posters, Cards, Canvas, Housewares, Fine Art, Mounted, Metal...

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