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Images Dated 4th November 2008

Welsh Spinners
Illustration of fern with green leaves, fronds and thick trunk
Illustration of Paphiopediulum bellatulum (Ladys Slipper) orchid with pink spotted white flower
Illustration of Banksia coccinea (Scarlet Banksia), with red flower and green leaves
cloud, coast, coastline, color image, day, de hoop nature reserve, hiking, horizon over water
Lenticular clouds above mountains, Death Valley
Saline Valley sand dunes, CA
Fox tracks, Saline Valley sand dunes, CA
Illustration of simple electric motor connected to plus and minus disposable battery by cables
Illustration of abundance of wildflowers growing on lush North American prairie with mountains in background
Illustration showing inside of 1920s crystal set
Illustration of Ratibida Pinnata (Grayhead Coneflower), north American prairie wildflower with abundance yellow flowers
Illustration of girl walking through metal detector holding teddy bear
Illustration of electric range cooker with ceramic plate hobs, knobs, and digital clock
Illustration of multipole electric motor with metal magnetic strips and commutator
Illustration of colourful mashed petals in white bowl with fork on top
Illustration of Sputnik 1
Illustration of car fuel gauge with float switch in glass tank
Illustration of showing electrons flowing from negative terminal of dry cell battery to lightbulb
Cartoon of man wearing 16th century costume carrying basket of wildflowers on back
Cartoon of Honeybee (Apis), with smiley face approaching large white flower
Illustration of pressed flowers on white paper and stack of heavy hardback books
Illustration of sign language using fingers and thumbs to sign I love you
Illustration of Helleborus (Lenten rose) with pale purple petals and green leaves
Illustration of flowerbed of colourful ground cover shrubs and tall flower spikes
Illustration of bar magnet moving along magnetised metal as hammer hits upright magnetised metal bar
Cartoon of woman in traditional Hawaiian skirt hanging Lie on neck of boy
Cartoon of parrot holding flower by stem in beak
Cartoon of man singing as deaf senior man cups hand to ear to hear and girl holds hands over ears to block noise
Illustration of simple direct current generator illuminating lightbulb
Cartoon of frog sitting on water lily and frogs jumping
Illustration of Green Violetear (Colibri thalassinus), hummingbird hovering
Illustration of Crithmum maritimum (Samphire), a yellow wildflower with green leaves on long stem
Cartoon of Honeybee (Apis), flying
Cartoon of baby crawling on floor using sense of smell for guidance
Illustration of Faradays rotary motor with bar magnet near spiral of wire connected to meter with gauge
Illustration of Primula veris (Cowslip), with yellow flowers and green leaves
Illustration of colour from mashed petals dyeing blotting paper pale yellow and purple
Bankside View
Bankside View
Scotch Gate
Scotch Gate
Long wide sandy beach, Wilsons Promontory National Park, Victoria, Australia
Sand structures, Wilsons Promontory National Park, Victoria, Australia
Norman Beach, Wilsons Promontory National Park, Victoria, Australia
templo virupaksha
The interiors of Taj Mahal, India
Overseas Education
Siege Of Rome
Siege Of Rome
Brighton Promenade
Freshwater Bay
Scottish Milkman
Who You Gonna Call?
Holborn Viaduct
Windermere Ferry
Rothesay Seafront
Carshalton Station
Poosie Nansie s

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