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Images Dated 5th November 2008

Cartoon of senior woman in nightdress and slippers standing on one leg in pain from paraesthesia, or pins and needles
5 Nov 2008
5 Nov 2008
Illustration of human lymphatic system
Cartoon of man with messy hair, bags below bloodshot eyes, and stubble on face and chin
Illustration of Taraxacum officinale (Common Dandelion), seed dispersal from dry flower head after pollination
Cartoon of pregnant woman with hands on stomach, and husband, anticipating birth
Cartoon of doctor looking through microscope, and large beam of light
Illustration of Egyptian overseer whipping Hebrew man lying on ground
Eureka Valley Dunes, Death Valley N.P
Illustration of cracks around thick outer shell of empty dinosaur egg
Illustration of Blue Land Crab (Discoplax hirtipes) crawling up tree trunk
Cartoon of surprised mother struggling to pull baby with strong grip from cot bars
Illustration of child exhaling hot breath on cold window causing condensation
Illustration of dinosaur foetus in egg showing yoke sac and amniotic membrane
Illustration of human sperm fusing with ovum during conception
Illustration of Prawns (Dendrobranchiata), showing long antennae
Illustration of human nerve cell cross section showing dendrite, soma, axon, nucleus, nodes and myelin sheath
Illustration of wild animals whose habitat is snowy mountains, Great Plains, prairie, bamboo forest
Illustration of empty cockle shell showing posterior and anterior abductor muscle scars, beak and hinge ligament
Illustration of dinosaur hatching out of egg
Cartoon of girl looking down at drumsticks hitting timpani in belly representing borborygmus or rumbling stomach
Illustration of Whelk and shell showing siphon on head
Illustration of solar cell used in light-powered quartz crystal wrist watch
Illustration of colourful bubble blown through bubble wand
Illustration of newly hatched dinosaur and broken egg shell
Cartoon boy lifting yellow T-shirt and looking down at belly button on abdomen
Illustration of Top Snail (Calliostoma) emerging from shell with empty shell behind
Illustration of dinosaur egg
Cartoon of of snail in hot sun using straw to drink cold water from glass
Cartoon of boy holding large conch shell to ear, with surprised expression as fish and water flow from opposite ear
Cartoon of human ileum represented as twisted pipes and valves with food passing through digestive system
Illustration of Great scallop (Pecten maximus), open shell
Illustration of ventral surface male crab showing apron or abdomen, thorax, and large claws
Illustration of dinosaur embryo in egg showing yoke sac and amniotic membrane
Cartoon of large spider hanging from web and sticking tongue out
Lawrences House
Bread Street
Bread Street
Russell Hotel
Russell Hotel
The Havelock Arms
The Yorkshire Grey
Carriage Repository
Ecclesia Scotica
Imperial Hotel

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