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Images Dated 28th October 2008

Illustration of storm cloud over farmhouse with blue sky above
Illustration of various weather conditions in different parts of the world
Long-billed Dowitcher Bird
Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus), four birds of prey circling in thermals with powerful spread wings
Illustration of car crankshaft showing motion of pistons
Cartoon of man running on yellowish-green smog caused by smoke from chimneys
Illustration of sailing boats and Golden Mist on San Franciscos Golden Gate Bridge often wrapped in mist because warm
Cartoon of boy using stick make insect fall and fly from top of tree onto white sheet
Illustration of coconut bird-feeding bell hanging upside down from string
Illustration of Bar-tailed Godwit (Limosa lapponica) foraging for food on beach
Digitally generated illustration showing how to assess surfing and swimming hazards in sea
Digitally generated illustration of car transmission and axle
Digitally generated illustration of wave breaking onto sloping ocean floor
Illustration of rain gauge measuring rainfall levels
Illustration of cows lying down on grass in anticipation of rain
Illustration of male Slender-billed Weaver (Ploceus pelzelni) inside nest of dried grass
Illustration of firing order sequence of delivering power to car cylinder in multi-cylinder piston engine
Illustration of webbed foot of water bird
Cartoon representing raining frogs as man stands in puddle below umbrella looking up in disbelief
Digitally generated illustration of female surfer hitting lip vertically to re-enter wave in quick succession
Digitally generated illustration of ocean surface wave resulting from wind
Digitally generated illustration of young man on surf board showing bottom turn maneuver on wave
Digitally generated illustration of young man balancing on surfboard with arms raised, and arrows showing gravity force
Digitally generated illustration of surfboard in sequence of shapes and fins
Illustration of tough and hardy plants growing at high altitude with snow-covered mountain in background

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