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Images Dated 17th May 2010

Naked woman sitting on chair in studio, (B&W), portrait
Beer Street
Beer Street
Two manual workers on ladders painting house exterior, (B&W)
A brown horse is standing in a green grass field
Woman in swimming pool posing on steps
Naked woman showering, rear view
absence, arid, beauty in nature, cloud, country road, day, diminishing perspective
Sky reflecting in Emajogi River, Tartu, Estonia
Bank of Emajogi River, Tartu, Estonia
Easy Retouch, Black and white, Photography, portrait, posing, looking away, front view
Couple skiing, stopped at top of hill
Boy ice-skating
Couple cross-country skiing
Calm sea and clear sky, South Pacific, Australia
Lofty cumulus clouds, Nullarbor Plain, Australia
Young woman sitting on chair, posing, (B&W)
Nude woman lying face down on bed, (B&W)
Young woman smiling, posing in studio, (B&W), close-up
Semi naked woman posing in studio, (B&W), portrait
Two couples holding hands, running on footpath, (B&W)
Young woman in elegant dressing gown sitting in studio, (B&W)
Woman in swimsuit running on shoreline, (B&W)
Young couple walking on beach
Young couple resting on lawn, (B&W)
Mother and daughter shopping for clothes
Two women sitting on school campus, talking
Mother and daughter doing dishes
Woman with one hand on chest, other on hip, looking surprised
Man pointing with index finger, posing in studio, (B&W), close-up
Woman biting nails
Young couple embracing indoors
Men shaking hands
Family leaving church
Three Drake mallards
Smiling man in top coat standing outdoors, (B&W)
Elegant man posing at entrance to building, (B&W), (Portrait)
Man in full suit standing on sidewalk, (B&W), (Portrait)
Elegant man checking watch at entrance to building, (B&W)
Girl (4-5) having meal, holding fork and knife, (B&W)
Man lighting cigarette by lake in park, (B&W)
Elegant man standing on courtyard, (B&W), (Portrait)
Man standing by lake in park, (B&W), (Portrait)
Young woman in soldiers uniform playing on trumpet, (B&W), portrait
Man showing direction with thumb, posing, (B&W), (Portrait)
US Army solider reading letter in studio, (B&W), portrait
Young woman wiping nose with handkerchief, posing in studio, (B&W), (Portrait)
Woman putting clothes into suitcase, (B&W)
Young woman cupping hand to ear, (B&W), (Portrait)

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