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Images Dated 18th May 2011

Illustration of Ancient Egyptian god of the dead Anubis holding symbol of Anhk
Early Blood Donor
Illustration of the solar system including the first eight planets in their relative orbits around the sun
Cape Cornwall
Cape Cornwall
Cross section illustration of ship in lock chamber on Panama Canal
Illustration of a hand adding a little vinegar to a washing-up bowl containing glasses in order to cut through grease
Cross section iIllustration of eye of domestic cat with inset illustrations of green iris and black pupils
Illustration of hands pouring bicarbonate of soda into a shoe to deodorise it
Cross section blueprint illustration of room in house
Blueprint illustration of of building interior
Illustration of using safety pin to secure wedding rings to fabric to avoid losing
Illustration of using nail varnish to mark place where curtain hooks are placed
Illustration of a yellow curtain looped over a hanger to move it away from the window
Blueprint illustration of house with extension
Blueprint illustration of house
Cross section illustration of ear of domestic cat (Felis Catus)
Cross section illustration of domestic cat (Felis Catus) head in profile
Illustration of a pack of frozen peas being wrapped in a towel to use as a cold compress
Illustration of hands rubbing a pewter jug with a cabbage leaf to clean it
Illustration of Egyptian pyramid folly in Parc Monceau, Paris
Cross section illustration of pancreas
Illustration of Homo habilis settlement at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania
Illustration of long oil tanker at sea
Illustration of the solar system and planetary orbits
Illustration of Temple Of Love, Bois De Vincennes, Paris
Illustration of Oriental Temple, Bois De Boulogne, Paris
Illustration of Gloriette De Buffon, Jardin Des Plantes, Paris
Illustration showing global wind patterns around the Earth
Cross section and full length illustration sea anemone
Illustration of human-headed winged bull or Sedu
Illustration of bronze galloping horse statue from Chinas Eastern Han dynasty, AD. 25
Cross section illustration of freshwater fisherman in float tube wearing flippers for propulsion in water
Illustration of dredger removing silt from seabed
Cross section biomedical illustration of human lungs
Illustration of naval frigate with helicopter landing on deck
Cross section illustration showing the process of smoking meat in metal smoking oven
Salzburg Cathedral on Cathedral Square with St. Marys Column, Salzburg, Austria
Eastern Green Lizard -Lacerta viridis-, male, Brandenburg, Brandenburg, Brandenburg, Germany
Reynisdrangar, Vik i Myrdal, South Iceland, Iceland, Europe
Basalt columns, Vik i Myrdal, South Iceland, Iceland, Europe
Carpet of moss, southern Iceland, Iceland, Europe
View of Gardoenes, farms and the Church of San Isidro Labrador, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain, Europe
View of San Felipe, Moya region, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain, Europe, PublicGround
Dead tree
Dead tree
Frog Orchid or Long-Bracted Green Orchid -Coeloglossum viride-
Fly Orchid -Ophrys insectifera-
Birds-nest Orchid -Neottia nidus-avis-
Peleides Blue Morpho -Morpho peleides-, South America

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