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Add a touch of history to your decor. Turn your walls into works of art with American historical images from the Kean Archives

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collections/kean/juno apollo
Juno And Apollo
collections/kean/confederate dollar bill 1864
Confederate Five Dollar Bill, 1864
collections/kean/illustration shakespeares the tempest
Illustration From Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'
collections/kean/battle pharsalus
Battle of Pharsalus
collections/kean/bastille attack french revolution
Bastille Attack In French Revolution
collections/kean/rosetta stone
Rosetta Stone
collections/kean/medieval arms armor
Medieval Arms And Armor
collections/kean/hot air balloon andre north pole
Hot Air Balloon Andre Over North Pole
collections/kean/montagues capulets fight romeo juliet
Montagues & Capulets Fight In 'Romeo And Juliet'
collections/kean/jesus healing sick
Jesus Healing The Sick
collections/kean/central pacific railroad
Central Pacific Railroad
collections/kean/new york elevated railroad train
New York Elevated Railroad Train
collections/kean/standard passenger locomotive
Standard Passenger Locomotive
collections/kean/fast mail train
Fast Mail Train
collections/kean/compond locomotive
Compond Locomotive
collections/kean/engraving suffragettes
Engraving of Suffragettes
poster art/posters
Bill Posters
collections/kean/french military hot air balloon
French Military Hot Air Balloon
collections/kean/pullman strike
Pullman Strike
collections/kean/early steerable dirigibles flight
Early Steerable DIrigibles In Flight
collections/kean/code hammurabi
The Code of Hammurabi
collections/kean/romeo juliet balcony scene
'Romeo And Juliet' Balcony Scene
collections/kean/view erie canal
View Of Erie Canal
collections/kean/illustration women train station
Illustration Of Women At Train Station
collections/kean/zouave corps volunteers march pa 1860s
Zouave Corps Volunteers March, PA, 1860s
collections/kean/engraving yosemite valley
Engraving of Yosemite Valley
collections/kean/toscanellis map world
Toscanelli's Map Of World
collections/kean/walden pond
Walden Pond
collections/kean/race whale
Race For A Whale
collections/kean/greenland whale fishery
Greenland Whale Fishery
collections/kean/diebold safe lock co safe
Diebold Safe & Lock Co. Safe
collections/kean/household safes
Household Safes
collections/kean/century safe
The Century Safe
collections/kean/franz joseph haydn silhouette
Franz Joseph Haydn Silhouette
collections/kean/british emigrants eating board ship
British Emigrants Eating On Board Ship
collections/kean/body parts corresponding constellations
Body Parts and Corresponding Constellations
collections/kean/birthplace js bach
Birthplace Of J.S. Bach
collections/kean/dresden germany
Dresden, Germany
collections/kean/leipzig germany
Leipzig, Germany
collections/kean/rally abraham lincoln
Rally For Abraham Lincoln
collections/kean/picking cotton
Picking Cotton
collections/kean/trough tezcoco
Trough from Tezcoco
collections/kean/unites states westward expansion
Unites States Westward Expansion
collections/kean/leadville district colorado
Leadville District, Colorado
collections/kean/engraving naval vessel monitor
Engraving of Naval Vessel 'Monitor'
collections/kean/fairmont water works schuylkill locks
Fairmont Water Works & Schuylkill Locks
collections/kean/view little falls mohawk river
View of Little Falls Mohawk River
collections/kean/pullman strikers headquarters
The Pullman Strikers Headquarters
collections/kean/illustration mayan altar yucatan
Illustration Of Mayan Altar In Yucatan
collections/kean/pottery vase mayan burial tomb
Pottery Vase From Mayan Burial Tomb
collections/kean/mayan figures oaxaca mexico
Mayan Figures From Oaxaca, Mexico
collections/kean/puck midsummer nights dream
Puck From 'Midsummer Night's Dream'
collections/kean/illustration shakespeares midsummer nights
Illustration From Shakespeare's 'Midsummer Night's Dream'
collections/kean/king henry iv illustration
'King Henry IV' Illustration
collections/kean/engraving falstaff king henry play
Engraving Of Falstaff In 'King Henry' Play
collections/kean/illustration shakespeares tempest
Illustration From Shakespeare's 'Tempest'
collections/kean/croton stand pipe
Croton Stand Pipe
collections/kean/ruins croton aqueduct
Ruins Of Croton Aqueduct
collections/kean/croton reservoir
Croton Reservoir
collections/kean/tea water delivery
Tea-Water Delivery
collections/kean/tea water pump
Tea-Water Pump
collections/kean/reservoir reade centre streets
Reservoir At Reade & Centre Streets
collections/kean/view manhattan reservoir
View Of Manhattan Reservoir
collections/kean/getting water spring
Getting Water At A Spring
Draw Well
collections/kean/reproduction panel van eyck
Reproduction Of Panel By Van Eyck
collections/kean/entertaining party
Entertaining At A Party
collections/kean/evening prayers
Evening Prayers
collections/kean/reading evening newspaper
Reading The Evening Newspaper
collections/kean/mermaids frockling
Mermaids Frockling
collections/kean/country store
Country Store
collections/kean/french war veteran returns family
French War Veteran Returns To Family
collections/kean/arms armor
Arms And Armor
collections/kean/zouaves bayonet practice
Zouaves In Bayonet Practice
collections/kean/evacuation wounded
Evacuation Of The Wounded
collections/kean/city cincinnati
City Of Cincinnati
collections/kean/illustration cincinnati ohio
Illustration Of Cincinnati, Ohio
collections/kean/view city cincinnati
View Of The City Of Cincinnati
collections/kean/fremont camp wyoming
Fremont Camp In Wyoming
collections/kean/farmers harvest indian corn
Farmers Harvest Indian Corn
collections/kean/farmer husks corn cornfield
Farmer Husks Corn On Cornfield
collections/kean/engraving brown university campus buildings
Engraving Of Brown University Campus Buildings
collections/kean/visiting asian merchant
Visiting An Asian Merchant
collections/kean/scene longfellows evangeline
A Scene From Longfellow's Evangeline
The Somnamblist
collections/kean/presidental residence
Presidental Residence
collections/kean/new york fire
New York Fire
collections/kean/slave gang central africa
'Slave Gang Of Central Africa'
collections/kean/an arab merchant tlemcen algeria
'An Arab Merchant At Tlemcen, Algeria'
collections/kean/engraving slave escape mid 19th century
Engraving of Slave Escape, Mid-19th Century
collections/kean/capture quebec
Capture of Quebec
collections/kean/ancient briton
Ancient Briton
collections/kean/baghdad 19th century
Baghdad in 19th Century
collections/kean/demonstration lincoln park row nyc 1860
Demonstration for Lincoln in Park Row, NYC, 1860
collections/kean/wigwam republican national convention il 1860
'Wigwam' for Republican National Convention, IL, 1860
collections/kean/black family horsedrawn carriage 1860s
Black Family In Horsedrawn Carriage, 1860s
collections/kean/violence chinese workers co 1880
Violence Against Chinese Workers, CO, 1880
collections/kean/soldiers dispese black riots va 1867
Soldiers Dispese Black Riots, VA, 1867


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