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Gustave Dore (1832-1883) Gallery

A collection of illustrations by Gustave Doré, a world famous 19th century illustrator, who illustrated over 200 books, some with more than 400 plates

Don Quixote, Lord Governor Sancho Panza administering justice
Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Ship in a storm
The Mouth of Hell of engraving
Charon the ferryman engraving
Human sacrifice chained to a rock, Sea monster, fantasy
Jesus Praying in the Garden
Rime of the Ancient Mariner - The Ghost Ship
Satan and Beelzebub engraving
The fall of the rebel angels engraving 1885
Sea Of Faces
Sea Of Faces
Jesus healing the possessed man
Resurrection of Lazarus engraving 1870
The Apocalyptic Procession engraving 1870
Dante and Beatrice ascend to the sphere of Mars 1870
Rime of the Ancient Mariner - sails made
Lazarus at the rich mans door engraving 1870
Dante Purgatory 1870
Dante with Pope Adrian V engraving 1870
The Fallen Angels engraving
Tigris at the foot of paradise engraving
Satan at the Gates of Hell of engraving
Fall of the Rebel Angels of engraving
Don Quixote in bed engravings
Don Quixote and the young goatherd
Don Quixote in the black mountain
Don Quixote wonderful adventure
Don Quixote and the shepherds verse
Don Quixote engraving
Don Quixote finds a horse corpse
Don Quixote dreaming engraving
Don Quixote and the Brave Biscayan
Don Quixote head over heels
Don Quixote Felixmarte
The Stygian Lake in the Fifth Circle of Hell
Virgil silencing Plutus engraving
Baron Munchausen bust engraving
Puss in Boots engraving
Little Thumb and the giant engraving
Baron Munchausen the mad cloak engraving
Baron Munchausen Highwaymen and brigands engraving
The Two Goats
The Two Goats
The Hare and the Frogs
The council of rats
The Fisherman and the little fish
Baron Munchausen engraving
Fairy Tale Sleeping Beauty engraving
The Goddess Fortune

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