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Iconic Bikini Gallery

A collection of illustrations and images of the daring two-piece swimsuit which was first introduced on July 5, 1946 by French designer Louis Réard

Woman touching water with foot
Bikini Beach Model with an Umbrella
Young woman hula dancer dancing on white background, portrait
Woman in bikini standing on beach
Young woman sitting on sun lounger by swimming pool, smiling, portrait
Woman in bikini, eating a hotdog
Woman Lying On Diving Board Over Pool Sunbathing Two Piece Bathing Suit Summer
Man with His Arm Around a Woman in a Bikini
Voluptuous Woman Wearing a Bikini
Woman in a Bikini Sitting on a Blanket
Lady in a Bikini on the Beach
Woman in Bikini Looking Back
Woman in Skimpy Fringed Bikini
Blond Blonde Woman Young Pink Bikini Sitting On Beach Lean Surf Board
Woman in Bikini Lying in Sun
Woman Wearing a Polka Dot Bikini
Woman in bikini diving
Woman Wearing Bikini
Woman in Bikini
Shadowy Woman in Bikini Top
Woman in Bikini Leading Spaceman
Woman in Heart Bikini
Bikini woman
Bikini woman
Woman Posing in Bikini
Polka Dot Bikini
Front Crawl
Front Crawl
Man putting garland around womans neck, smiling
Young woman in bikini on white background, smiling, portrait
Young woman hula dancer in traditional clothing sitting on wicker chair, smiling, portrait
Nude woman wearing tie and sunglasses standing beside man
Young woman in bikini sitting, putting cream on leg, (B&W)
Woman holding ball on beach, (B&W)
Woman sun tanning on beach, (B&W), elevated view
Portrait of young woman in bikini lying on deck
Studio portrait of young woman in bikini
Young woman walking along country road
Woman posing in bikini
Woman wearing bikini sitting on log on beach, (B&W), (Portrait)
Couple leaning on boat at sea side
Young woman in bikini standing beside spotlight
Two women in bikini eating snack on beach, (B&W)

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