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Images Dated 2nd May 2006

Antique map of Tasmania
Antique map of Russia
Antique map of the Key Islands
Antique map of old world depicting voyages of Captain Cook
16th century, antique, archival, barbarie coast, barbary coast, battles, borders
antique, archival, border, burma, cambodia, cartography, country, document, geography
1647, antiquity, archival, cartography, colonial, colonialism, discovery, exploration
antiquity, archival, cartography, continents, geographical, geography, historic, map
antique, border, cartography, country, document, french, geography, historic, historical
antique, archival, asia, cartography, geographical, geography, historic, island, japan
1647, antiquity, archival, cartography, colonialism, geographical, geography, historic
antiquity, archival, capital, capitol, cartography, district of columbia, geographical
africa, antique, arabian sea, archival, asia, borders, boundaries, cartography, countries
antiquity, archival, cartography, europe, geographical, geography, historical, holland
antiquity, archival, belgium, cartography, europe, geographical, geography, historical
antiquity, archival, cartography, coat-of-arms, compass, england, europe, geographical
1676, antiquity, archival, cartography, england, europe, geographical, geography
antiquity, archival, canada, cartography, document, file, geographical, geography
17th century, adults, antique, arch, archival, archway, art, book, columns, cover
16th century, antique, archival, atlas, book, cartouche, cover, design, elegant, embellishments
17th century, antique, architecture, archival, book, columns, cover, depicting, engraving
16th century, animal likeness, antique, archival, art, book, cover, cum gratia, decorative
antique, armada, art, banner, battle, depicting, engraving, fleet, french, historic
16th century, antique, art, atlas, book, cherubs, columns, cover, eagle, engraving
antique, archival, art, asia, asia, asian, boats, caption, culture, depicting, engraving
17th century, antique, archival, art, blaeu, book, cover, design, duo pro-tegit unus
abraham ortelius, abrahami ortelii, antique, architecture, archival, atlas, biography
18th century, animal likeness, antique, archival, art, atlas, atlas novus terrarium orbis imperia
animal likeness, antique, art, clouds, deities, depicting, engraving, figures, geography
barren, bleak, countryside, day, idyllic, landscape, nobody, outdoor, rural, serenity
antique, archival, building, depicting, geography, historic, history, illustration
adults, antique, archival, bay, boat, busy, depicting, engraving, harbor, hills, historic
astrology, astronomy, digital, fantasy, nobody, outer space, planet, planetary, science
architecture, buildings, city, cityscape, day, downtown, manhattan, new york, new york city
Distorted antique map of Africa
Antique map of Scythiam and Sericam with vignettes
Antique print of map and illustration of coastal Sierra Leone
Antique map of New South Wales in Australia
Antique map of Russia and Asiatica
Antique map of Van Diemen Island off Australia with vignettes
Antique map of Tabula Chersones
Antique map of Sarmatiam Asiaticam
Antique charts of New Zealand
Antique map of British Solomon Islands Protectorate
Antique map of New Zealand
Antique map of Indian Ocean in southern hemisphere
Antique map of coast of New South Wales in Australia
Antique map of present day Poland and Hungary
Antique map of Petite Tartarie north of the Black Sea
Paired antique maps of Western Australia and Van Diemen Island
Antique map of the Black Sea and surrounding lands
Page from the Illustrated London News with map
Antique map of Polynesia with vignettes
Antique maps of New Zealand
Antique map of Silesia
Antique print of city of Loango in the Congo, Africa
Antique map of Australasia

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