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Images Dated 24th November 2009

Duke of Wellington and Napoleon Bonaparte
Illustration of Isaac Newtons prism experiment, showing white sunlight split by a prism into the co
Illustration of ice skater starting to spin, then increasing rate of spin to maintain angular moment
Illustration of the factors causing neap tides, Moon exerting pull on sea, Sun counteracting Moon s
Illustration of the factors causing spring tides, Sun in line with Earth and Moon, adding the Sun s
Illustrations of hot-air balloons, steady with air of equal density, and rising with air inside less
Illustration of the parts of a long-case pendulum clock
Illustration of Thomas Youngs double slit experiment, showing that light travels as a wave, and not
Illustration of a car accelerating around a bend
Illustration of the Earth with arrows indicating air movements towards and away from the equator
Illustration of the processes involved in storing sound on a CD
Illustration of absorption of water and minerals through the roots of a plant, and up the stem (osmo)
Illustration of a plants roots absorbing water
Illustration of low blood glucose response
Illustration of a fish with gill filaments (lamellae) highlighted in red
Illustration of stack formation, after collapse of arch
Illustration of river meander, deposition occurring where water flows with least energy, and erosion
Illustration of arch formation in headland
Illustration of arch formation as waves erode both sides of headland
Illustration of river deposition, course of river changing as a result of erosion
Illustration of the stages involved in power generation, cooling tower, boiler, chimney, steam turbi
Illustration of an alternator, anti-clockwise current
Illustration of eroded bedrock on a glacier
Illustration of an alternator, clockwise current
Illustration of mitochondrion
Illustration of carbon cycle and nitrogen cycle
Illustration charting the development of wheeled transport, from dragging, to rolling on logs, and u
Illustration of radio transmission and reception, from microphone to speaker
Illustration of cross-section through leaf, showing upper epidermis, palisade mesophyll, xylem vesse
Illustration of the structure of a virus
Illustration of structure of a bacterium
Life cycle of a flowering plant
Illustration of immune response, involving chain of defensive white blood cells, triggered by microb
Illustration of the structure of a plant cell, including nucleus, nucleolus, ribosome, endoplasmatic
Illustration of lightning above landscape with animals and plants, converting atmospheric nitrogen i
Main components of a simple electric motor
Illustration of a warm front pushing to the east, followed closely behind by a cold front
Illustration of fluorescent lamp
Illustration of the Otto engine, a four-stroke internal combustion engine
Blaise Pascals experiment with atmospheric pressure, using a thick-walled glass tube, measuring dif
Illustration of electron transfer from sodium atom to chlorine atom, transformation from sodium ion
Illustration of how atoms emit light, based on Bohr model
Illustration of bicycle V-brake, brake pads being squeezed against the rim increasing friction
Illustration of how a jet engine works
Illustration of Rutherford model of the atom, consisting of nucleus and negatively charged electrons
Illustration of Bohr model of the atom
Illustration of Thomsons Plum Pudding model of the atom, with negatively charged electrons dotted
Illustration of atom with nucleus of protons and neurons, based on the Bohr model
Illustration of X-ray machine being used on a patient
Illustration of submarine sinking and rising through the use of compressed air
Illustration of buoyant raft, sinking raft, and buoyant ship
Illustration of differential gearing on a car wheel
Toledo, Hospital De Tavera
Toledo, Tornerias Mosque
Tarragona, Gothic Cathedral
The Elizabeth Bridge
Brussels Grand Place
Christmas In Vienna

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