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Images Dated 22nd May 2010

Illustration of male weaver bird building nest
Main Plaza of Machu Picchu
Illustration of a Scarlet macaw (Ara macao) eating a nut
Illustration of a Malachite sunbird (Nectarinia famosa) sucking nectar out of flower
Illustration of a pair of Secretary birds (Sagittarius serpentarius) attacking a snake
Illustration of a Comb-crested jacana, also known as Lilytrotter (Irediparra gallinacea) on a lily pad, side view
Illustration of a Toco toucan (Ramphastos toco) with a seed in its beak, perching on a tree trunk
Illustration of globes outlining the tropical regions including Africa, South America and South East Asia
Illustration of three ostriches running
Illustration of Fairy tern (Sterna nereis) sitting on egg balanced on fork of branches, view from below
Illustration of Bee hummingbird (Mellisuga helenae) above nest
Illustration of male Satin bowerbird (Ptilonorhynchus violaceus) with collection of blue objects to attract a female
Illustration of a male Guianan cock-of-the-rock (Rupicola rupicola) on a branch, calling
Illustration of a male Magnificent bird of paradise (Cicinnurus magnificus) showing off his curved tail feathers
Illustration of a Victorias riflebird (Ptiloris victoriae) with its wings fanned-out
Illustration of Cape penduline tit (Anthoscopus minutus) emerging from hole in nest
Illustration of male and female Magnificent frigatebirds (Fregata magnificens) sitting side by side
Illustration of a male Mandarin duck (Aix galericulata) in water
Field of rape, clouds in the sky
Main Square of Machu Picchu

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