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Haywood Magee

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photographers/haywood magee/foxy trousers week old fox cub twentieth century
Foxy Trousers; Ten week-old Fox Cub 'Twentieth Century Fox'
photographers/haywood magee/west indian immigrants arrival
West Indian Immigrant's Arrival
photographers/haywood magee/scottish cellarman
Scottish Cellarman
photographers/haywood magee/hard work
Hard At Work
photographers/haywood magee/student parade
Student Parade
photographers/haywood magee/irish castle
Irish Castle
hulton archive/irish menagerie
Irish Menagerie
photographers/haywood magee/pole
Up The Pole
photographers/haywood magee/hong kong ferry
Hong Kong Ferry
photographers/haywood magee/vision transmitter
Vision Transmitter
photographers/haywood magee/llama lunch
Llama Lunch
hulton archive/london bobby
London Bobby
photographers/haywood magee/beach cartwheel
Beach Cartwheel
photographers/haywood magee/hong kong washing
Hong Kong Washing
photographers/haywood magee/dead dock
Dead In Dock
photographers/haywood magee/george square
George Square
photographers/haywood magee/crowd international sporting event
Crowd at international sporting event
photographers/haywood magee/unclaimed marshland
Unclaimed Marshland
photographers/haywood magee/new britain
New To Britain
hulton archive/football pools
Football Pools
hulton archive/bristol cheers
Bristol Cheers
hulton archive/loves young dream
Love's Young Dream
hulton archive/children swinging
Children Swinging
hulton archive/sea school hike
Sea School Hike
hulton archive/mountain trek
Mountain Trek
photographers/haywood magee/burns countryside
Burns Countryside
photographers/haywood magee/i come
Can I Come In ?
photographers/haywood magee/hong kong washing
Hong Kong Washing
photographers/haywood magee/art collector
Art Collector
photographers/haywood magee/view venice
View Of Venice
photographers/haywood magee/fighter pilot
Fighter Pilot
photographers/haywood magee/f 86 sabre
F-86 Sabre
photographers/haywood magee/hotel luggage
Hotel Luggage
photographers/haywood magee/misty castle
Misty Castle
photographers/haywood magee/misty monument
Misty Monument
photographers/haywood magee/hiking onwards
Hiking Onwards
photographers/haywood magee/peat extraction
Peat Extraction
photographers/haywood magee/leave
Last To Leave
hulton archive/sprint start
Sprint Start
hulton archive/sack race
Sack Race
hulton archive/romantic couple
Romantic Couple
hulton archive/holiday school
Holiday At School
hulton archive/family bicycle
Family Bicycle
hulton archive/baby boom pupils
Baby Boom Pupils
hulton archive/gramophone girl
Gramophone Girl
hulton archive/west indians arrive
West Indians Arrive
hulton archive/glaswegian affection
Glaswegian Affection
hulton archive/welsh miner
Welsh Miner
hulton archive/customs hall
Customs Hall
hulton archive/jar plankton
Jar Of Plankton
hulton archive/lab assistant
Lab Assistant
hulton archive/family wheels
Family On Wheels
hulton archive/club cycling
Club Cycling
hulton archive/runway walk
Runway Walk
photographers/haywood magee/breasts exposed
Breasts Exposed
photographers/haywood magee/mayo fishermen two man shark crew pulling net
Mayo Fishermen; two-man shark crew pulling up a net from the waters in Keem Bay, off
photographers/haywood magee/galway women local women wandering hills county
Galway Women; Two local women wandering in the hills of county Galway, Republic of
photographers/haywood magee/irish storyteller hands village teelin donegal
Irish Storyteller Hands, village of Teelin, Donegal, Ireland
photographers/haywood magee/postcard choice canadian ice hockey player al
Postcard Choice, Canadian Ice Hockey player, Al Bucholz, (right) choosing postcards
photographers/haywood magee/seafront bathers relaxing deckchairs sunny weather
Seafront Bathers relaxing in deckchairs during sunny weather on Brighton's sea front
photographers/haywood magee/glaswegian street
Glaswegian Street
photographers/haywood magee/roll barrel
Roll Out The Barrel
photographers/haywood magee/office work
Office Work
photographers/haywood magee/nuns tobacco
Three Nuns Tobacco
photographers/haywood magee/glasgow bakery
Glasgow Bakery
photographers/haywood magee/bookworm
photographers/haywood magee/tree plan
Tree Plan
photographers/haywood magee/suited booted
Suited And Booted
photographers/haywood magee/migrant workers
Migrant Workers
photographers/haywood magee/seaside games
Seaside Games
photographers/haywood magee/world war ii
World War II
photographers/haywood magee/joy youth
Joy Of Youth
photographers/haywood magee/rainy rickshaw
Rainy Rickshaw
photographers/haywood magee/western architecture
Western Architecture
photographers/haywood magee/chinese palanquin
Chinese Palanquin
photographers/haywood magee/hong kong harbour
Hong Kong Harbour
photographers/haywood magee/tv make up
TV Make-Up
photographers/haywood magee/horse racing tipster
Horse Racing Tipster
photographers/haywood magee/tipsters view
Tipsters View
photographers/haywood magee/checking form
Checking The Form
photographers/haywood magee/sunday opening
Sunday Opening
photographers/haywood magee/queue immigrants
Queue Of Immigrants
photographers/haywood magee/muscle action
Muscle Action
photographers/haywood magee/pied piper
The Pied Piper
photographers/haywood magee/leaning luggage
Leaning On Luggage
photographers/haywood magee/excuse sir
Excuse Me Sir
photographers/haywood magee/bbc control room
BBC Control Room
photographers/haywood magee/girls town
Girls On The Town
hulton archive/passenger plane
Passenger Plane
hulton archive/sprint start
Sprint Start
hulton archive/seaside games
Seaside Games
photographers/haywood magee/glasgow university
Glasgow University
photographers/haywood magee/edinburgh castle
Edinburgh Castle
photographers/haywood magee/kangaroos living lincoln
Kangaroos Living in Lincoln
hulton archive/football supporters
Football Supporters
photographers/haywood magee/edinburgh old town
Edinburgh Old Town
photographers/haywood magee/backstreet boys
Backstreet Boys